Thursday, September 30, 2010

WTF! : Dude poses as secret agent and persuades friend to kill mother

Corderral Smith used props from a board game to convince the hired killer that he was a legitimate agent working for the US Government.
He faked an arrest warrant which described his 50 year-old mother Gloria Ryan as "dangerous and unfit to be around anyone."
Prosecutors said 22 year-old Smith convinced the hired killer Jason Rizzi that if he carried out the murder he would be hired as an undercover agent.
Even after his arrest for murder Rizzi was convinced that Smith was really a secret agent.
Texas Ranger Frank Huff said Rizzi kept repeating one question: "Are you sure Smith isn't an agent?"
The details of the bizarre murder for hire plot emerged at the trial of Smith in Cleveland, Texas.
As well as claiming to be a secret agent he also posed on MySpace as a hip hop mogul and posted photographs of himself sitting in front of several weapons mounted on the wall......

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